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PLEASE READ THESE TERMS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING zooklist.com. THE USE OF zooklist.com IMPLIES YOUR CONSENT TO THESE TERMS. DO NOT USE zooklist.com IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THESE TERMS. THESE GENERAL CONDITIONS ARE REGULARLY UPDATED AND ADAPTED TO THE NEWS. IT IS RECOMMENDED TO CONSULT THEM BEFORE ANY USE. For access and use of the site www.zooklist.com via the company zooklist.com, the following general conditions and all the legal rules in force apply. These general conditions are divided into two chapters. 1. Conditions applicable to each user of the site 2. Conditions specific to any advertiser Chapter 1: General Article 1 Definition of the site zooklist.com provides individuals and professionals with a website that can receive and host free classifieds. These ads are placed by advertisers under specific headings and sub-headings. The goal is for the advertiser to receive the maximum number of purchase proposals. The site operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a moderation team. It is free to access and completely free Article 2 Site content zooklist.com has designed the content of this site with the utmost care. The content of the site may not receive classified ads or products contrary to laws and good morals. The definition, description, accuracy and condition of the product offered are the responsibility of the advertiser and appeal to its good faith The advertiser declares that the information concerning his advertisement is accurate and complete and assumes responsibility for it. . zooklist.com has no responsibility for the content of the advertisements placed. Article 3 Objectives zooklist.com aims to connect buyers and sellers. In no case can zooklist.com be qualified as an intermediary and its liability engaged whether there is a transaction or not. Koulchi- USA never intervenes in the agreement which is concluded between the buyer and the seller after using the site. This clause applies even in the event that zooklist.com warns a buyer at his request that the product he is looking for is already present on the site, at more or less high prices. Article 4 Data To place an ad, the advertiser must first provide his contact details so that potential buyers can get in touch with him. Entering names, first names, address, telephone and / or fax numbers must be sincere. However, for reasons of confidentiality, this data may be hidden and the advertiser is authorized to place his advertisement under a legal and identifiable pseudonym as long as he is associated with a VALID Email address. For financial and payment information, in particular the bank account number, zooklist.com recommends caution and recommends that they be communicated last, once the transaction has been concluded. The site is free to access; nevertheless, by logging in, the user fully recognizes that he is empowered and authorized to connect, especially if these connections take place from a professional space. The final goal being the realization of a transaction, the advertiser undertakes to give the maximum of information on the product which it proposes. This information must be clear, identifiable and sincere. The product input grid may include mandatory input fields which must be completed (price, contact, description, etc.). An ad can only be placed once and in one section. For the proper functioning of the site, zooklist.com gathers information, among other things, by means of IP data and cookies. With this information, zooklist.com can adapt parts of the site and the services offered to users. Thus, the services and ease of The use of zooklist.com are further increased for the user. zooklist.com respects everyone's privacy, and will not use this data for any other purpose than to improve services to the user of zooklist.com. Without the express consent of the user, the data will not be made available to third parties. If zooklist.com has justified reasons to suppose that the user infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties, in any way whatsoever, it will be entitled to transmit the user's data, including his email address, to this third. By using this site, this condition is expressly accepted by the user. zooklist.com refers to other sites (for example by means of hyper links, banners or buttons). On these sites, the user is governed by the rules concerning the privacy of the site in question. zooklist.com has no influence on the content and policy of these sites. The same applies to the use of the services of external suppliers. Article 5 Intellectual property rights 1. Intellectual property rights concerning the site, rights to texts, images, formatting, databases, photos etc., visual material (fixed and / or moving), sound material, formats, software, trademarks (including domain names) and other materials included, belong to zooklist.com, its licensors and / or advertisers. If he has infringed copyright, commercial or other rights in the advertisements placed, it is up to the advertiser to bring an action against the infringer (s) of his rights. zooklist.com is not a party to the dispute. 2. The user is not authorized to make the site available to third parties in any way and / or to multiply it other than Article 6 Liability of the advertiser The use of personal data that has been published by third parties through the site is only permitted for the purpose of concluding an agreement with the advertiser directly, regarding what is offered or requested. In no case is it authorized to process personal data for any other purpose, which means, among other things, that it is prohibited: - to send one or more Email (s) without being invited to an advertiser, as well as one or more Email (s) whose content is of a general nature and does not directly concern what is proposed or requested, whether they are commercial messages or not - to send one or more Email (s) ) without being invited to an advertiser, in which commercial products or services are offered, if these products or services indirectly relate to what is requested or offered, Article 7 Exclusion zooklist.com reserves the right to exclude you, the user of the site, in the event of violation of the general conditions, in any way whatsoever, subject to the right of zooklist.com to take other legal measures and to demand damages. Article 8 Counterfeiting, illegal sale zooklist.com will remove without notice any advertisement including sales of suspicious, illegal or questionable products (see chapter 2). Article 9 Guarantee zooklist.com does not guarantee: · That the texts of the announcements are correct, exact and complete and that the products offered are of good quality, safe, and comply with all the legal provisions in force in the country of consultation. · That the contracting party is entitled to enter into a user agreement, that the personal information it provides is correct, complete and current and that it will execute the agreement as it should. · That the site will operate uninterruptedly and be free of errors, and that third parties will not abuse its systems. Article 10 Responsibility of zooklist.com 1. Announcementszooklist.com hereby excludes all liability for any damage caused directly and / or indirectly in any way whatsoever as a result of the use of the site. In particular, zooklist.com will in no case be responsible for any damage, caused by: - ​​the facts and actions of users, such as entering into an agreement, which would be inspired by the advertisements placed on the site - the inability to use the site - the fact that a product offered on the site does not correspond to the specifications mentioned on the site - the fact that the information on the site is inaccurate, incomplete or not up to date - the irregular use of Annonces USA's systems. ma, whose site, by a third party - actions of the contracting party after entering into an agreement with it. Article 11 Links The site contains links (for example by means of hyperlinks, banners or buttons) to third party sites. zooklist.com has no authority over these sites. zooklist.com is not responsible for the content of these sites. Article 12 Security zooklist.com strives to secure its systems against loss and / or any form of irregular use. For this, zooklist.com implements relevant technical and organizational measures, taking into account, among other things, the current state of the art. Chapter 2: Ads The stipulations mentioned in this chapter also apply, in addition to the stipulations of chapter 1, if the user wishes to place ads on the site. Article 13 Site content 1. Each advertiser must ensure that the description of the product he offers corresponds to reality and is therefore accurate and complete. By placing an advertisement, he authorizes zooklist.com to disclose information about the product in question. 2. It is expressly forbidden to place advertisements on zooklist.com other than by applying the stipulations of zooklist.com 3. When the advertiser offers a product on the site, he must also determine a minimum price, at which the product can to be sold. If you forget to mention the minimum price when placing the advertisement, zooklist.com will have the right to assess the value of the product offered itself and to use this estimate as the minimum price. 4. zooklist.com reserves the right to shorten or modify the texts of the announcements, without indicating the reasons. zooklist.com also reserves the right to remove adverts from zooklist.com, without indicating the reasons. This will happen, but not only, in the following cases: - the products in question have been placed in the "wrong" section - the products and / or the price in the advertisements are described incorrectly and / or incomplete - the product and / or the advertisement in question infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties - the product in question could in any other way prejudice the property of third parties - the product in question has been placed in more than one section - The product and / or the content of the advertisement in question includes discriminatory or racist expressions, incitement to hatred or violence, pornographic or pedophile material, or is otherwise unlawful. - ads which are scandalous and shocking in another way, according to zooklist.com - if it is suspected that they are stolen goods - the product in question is a firearm or a product related to it 5. The advertiser accepts and guarantees zooklist.com for any legal action based on the claim that the advertisement infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties. Article 14 Videos You are required not to use the video service, in particular to: - send or transmit any message whose content is illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, constituting harassment, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, threatening to the privacy of others, hateful, racist, or otherwise objectionable; - harm minors in any way; - transmit any content that could be constitutive, without the following being limiting, of incitement to the commission of crimes and offenses; of provocation to discrimination, hatred or violence because of race, ethnicity or nation, false news; rumors; infringement of the authority of justice; information relating to adoption, lawsuits, suicide, or an individual tax situation; dissemination outside the authorized conditions of polls and vote simulations relating to an election or a referendum; defamation and insults; invasion of privacy; or acts endangering minors, in particular through the production, transport and dissemination of messages of a violent or pornographic nature or of a nature likely to seriously undermine human dignity; - forge headers or otherwise manipulate the identifier so as to conceal the origin of the content transmitted via the service; - transmit any message of which you would not be authorized to disseminate the content in particular by a legislative measure or a legal act (in particular internal information, privileged, confidential, learned or disclosed within the framework of a contract of employment or of a confidentiality agreement without this enumeration being exhaustive); - transmit any message the content of which violates any patent, trademark, trade secret, intellectual property right or any other right belonging to others; - transmit any unsolicited or unauthorized promotional message. - transmit any message containing computer viruses or any other code, file or program designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any software, computer, or telecommunication tool without this list being exhaustive; - violate, intentionally or not, any national or international law or regulation in force as well as the limitations contained herein - provide information referring to other sites (whether by the creation of hyper text links, or by the simple provision of information) whose content would be likely to contravene any law and regulation in force, and in particular would be likely to infringe the rights of individuals and goods, and / or intellectual property rights. - spread or propagate rumors.